Month: April 2011

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Help This Homo Win $100K From Dockers

Meet Steven Holt. He’s thiiiiiiis close to winning $100,000 from Dockers to build his dream workshop. Let’s give him a hand! Dockers Wear the Pants Contest from Port Shy on Vimeo. My name is Steven – I’m 29 years old and live in the Central District in Seattle, Washington. My […]

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Capitol Hillbillies Offer Sage Wisdom On Dating; STD’s

We’re totally tooting our own horn here, but Unicorn Booty is the most followed gay blog in the world (Hurrah! A parade! A trophy! Etc.), which I suppose makes Capitol Hillbillies the most featured gay comic on the most followed gay blog? We’ll call it the MFGCotMFGBitW for short, K? […]

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Mitt Romney: We Have To Hang Obama By The Neck

Although we’re a gay blog, we shine our rainbow spotlight on other issues we find equally deserving of your attention and/or outrage. We watched this press conference clip three times this morning and had to pick our jaws off of the desk after each time. Mitt Romney, a Republican presidential […]

United States of the Environment

Our beloved gay blog readers straight up lost their minds over our United States of Shame last week. We’re still scratching our heads over why you nerdy Ohioans were more upset with your state’s shame than us animal-loving Washingtonians or the rape-crazy folks in South Dakota. But enough about that […]

Atlanta Braves Coach Hurls Anti-Gay Slurs, Sort of Apologizes

UPDATE from the AP: The former major league reliever apologized in a statement, but the team barred him from the bench heading into a three-game series against St. Louis. The Braves’ minor league pitching coordinator, Dave Wallace, will take over for McDowell during the investigation. Major League Baseball has said […]

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Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins: Gays Are Corporate Terrorists

Family Research Council leader Tony Perkins offends our gay blog sensibilities while dropping the T word five times in his explanation for how defending DOMA went awry for King & Spalding, the lawfirm that pulled out of defending the unconstitutional law this week. FRC, as you probably know, is a […]

Gay blog: Kate's Alexander McQueen Dress

WATCH: Royal Wedding Recap

For those who did not wake up at the crack of dawn to see the “Wedding of the Century,” here is a video recap! Also, she wore Alexander McQueen – what a statement! Let’s hope this means the new Duchess of Cambridge will be an advocate for gay rights! Visit for […]

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Baptist Oklahoma University VP Fires Beloved Transgender Professor

Douglas McMillan, the vice president of academic affairs at Southeastern Oklahoma State University says Professor Rachel Tudor’s transgender “lifestyle” “offends his Baptist beliefs”, and has chosen to not only grant the beloved professor tenure, but to terminate her employment altogether. Ocolly reports: Despite the complete support of her colleagues and […]

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Snip ‘Em If You Got ‘Em – Vote To Ban Circumcision In San Francisco

We introduced you to Lloyd Schofield in February. He’s the California “intactivist” that has spent much of 2011 gathering signatures to introduce a vote on banning the practice of circumcision in San Francisco’s city limits. Well doggone it, he’s reached his goal. Schofield and his supporters have submitted 12,000 signatures, […]

Gaga's Born This Way heats up the conservatives on Glee

Conservatives Call Gay ‘Glee’ Episode ‘Product Placement’

This video is just crazy talk. Gay rights activist Ray Hill faces off against Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association. Fischer calls the show product placement, saying, “[A]dvertisers purchase time on television programs because they know that what people see on television influences their behavior and influences their choices. […]

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Big In Japan: ‘See-Through’ Skirts (NSFW)

According to UB reader George, faux see-through skirts are So. Hot. Right. Now. in Japan. Sorry, we get so excited when we have an opportunity to do our best Mogadishu from Zoolander. Anyway, what thinks ye about these skirts printed to look like your ass is hanging out? Ladies, would […]

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Rainbow Noise: Talk of the Town

Our cewebrity crush, Jay Squared from Rainbow Noise, sent us the group’s latest music video for their single Talk of the Town today. Real talk, the gay rap crew is definitely working on a tight budget, and it shows. But these kids can spit! Rainbow Noise is easily as talented […]

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Meet the All Terrain Bunny

The cyborgs are coming! Hide your kids! Hide your wife! When young Liam realized that one of the two bunnies he had rescued was a paraplegic, he designed a Gundam mech suit wheeled cart to make life a bit easier on the little guy. What a great kid! Although I think […]