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About Unicorn Booty

Unicorn Booty searches the world for the most surprising and irresistible news, culture and opinion and sprinkles on some pop-sugar for fun! We’re an online magazine connecting readers to all sorts of new ideas from forward-thinking, creative troublemakers like yourself. Whether it’s politics, entertainment, travel, or anything interesting happening in the world, Unicorn Booty is your treasure trove for online fun!

Our contributors:

Kevin Farrell, Co-founder

Kevin Farrell grew up all over the eastern seaboard, but celebrated his 18th birthday while living with a foster family on a goat farm in Massachusetts. To say he had an untraditional upbringing would be an understatement. As a former homeless teen, he worked closely with the homeless while attending college in Colorado and New Orleans. That is, until hurricane Katrina descended upon the gulf coast in August of 2005, leaving him among the homeless once again. After relocating to Seattle, he began to build a new life. In December 2009, he decided to take destiny by the horn and start his own company.

Things are going swimmingly for him now, but his past informs each day. It was an essential requirement for Unicorn Booty to give something back to those in need. Being a business owner is exciting, but working with the community is what makes him proudest. When he’s not busy with Unicorn Booty and his restaurant Booty’s Street Food in New Orleans, he can be found knee deep in a pile of comic books or digging up treasure in prehistoric fossil beds. Also, he has a goldfish named Rupert.

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Nick Vivion, Co-founder

Nick Vivion was born in Kansas City, Missouri, but that is about all he remembers. Well, there is something about moving to London and growing up in Switzerland, but it’s all very hazy. Nick is a filmmaker who loves to create travel-related stories for companies like Lonely Planet and USA Today. He is also a YouTube partner and has almost one million views on the ‘tube. Nick is an entrepreneur who relishes new challenges. He started his first business when he was 16, importing alcoholic ice pops called Freaky Ice into Switzerland and doing business in three languages. Today, he continues to embrace his passion for the independent path.

Nick is thrilled to be launching Unicorn Booty, as it combines his two very favorite things. In fact, he so loves the name that he has it tattooed somewhere on his body. But that’s a trade secret! Having spent the greater part of his life traveling the world, he is equally excited to be creating a platform for the LGBT community to interact with brands that see them as equals. He thinks it is essential for the gay community to create its own platforms to define the terms of engagement, so that we can define our own identity.

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Daniel Villarreal, Editor

Daniel Villarreal was raised by an atheist chemist and a Pentecostal nurse in Hutchins, Texas until age 15 when he moved to Dallas and turned gay. He eventually got a fancy learnin’ degree, taught English in Japan for a year and then wrestled a creative writing MFA from the cold, ivory-covered claw of Columbia University. He has worked as a staff editor at Queerty and Gay.net, a media manager for HereTV and Gay.com,  a regular contributor to Towleroad, The Dallas Voice and The Austin Chronicle and currently organizer with the alternative Pride group QueerBomb Dallas and the montly LGBT film series at the Texas Theatre (where Oswald was arrested), CinéWilde.

Daniel’s excited to bring his twisted, humorous sensibility into UnicornBooty.com. He envisions a golden age of new media where writers, readers and organizations of all sorts work together to create lasting social change over and over again. Sounds like a fantasy, right? That’s probably why he works for a blog with “unicorn” in its title.

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Matt Keeley, Managing Editor

Matt Keeley is an “indoor kid” from Seattle. He’s got a BA in communications, as he’s been fascinated by media since he was five and recording his own homemade radio shows. In fact, he’s spent very little of his professional life outside that umbrella, with most of his career spent in the radio industry. In 2007, Matt founded the pop culture site Kittysneezes, still going strong. Matt’s also contributed to sites like Popshifter, Popdose and the late, lamented JefitoBlog.

Matt’s main interests are in music (favorites include DEVO, They Might Be Giants, The Coup and the Residents), comics (with a particular love for Art Spiegelman and Daniel Clowes), animation (especially anime and shows like Steven Universe) and film (documentary and otherwise), though he finds curiosity the most endearing quality in a person. His personal hero is Mister Rogers, and tries to embody the principles of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood in everything he does. In the words of Kurt Vonnegut, “There’s only one rule that I know of, babies—God damn it, you’ve got to be kind.”

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Matt Baume, Special Contributor

Matt Baume is a writer, storyteller, and video maker based in Seattle whose work focuses on LGBT issues, nerds, and anything that is strange and wonderful. He’s the author of the book Defining Marriage; and he’s creator of the popular podcast The Sewers of Paris, the long-running marriage equality show Marriage News Watchand of a cavalcade of fun videos on YouTube. As a guest, he’s appeared on such shows as The Savage LovecastOut ChicagoTomefoolery, and Feast of Fun; and as a host, he’s delivered presentations at South by Southwest, Emerald City Comicon, and The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Journalists Association. You can find his work in various outlets, including The AdvocateThe Stranger, and public radio’s Marketplace.