Baptist Oklahoma University VP Fires Beloved Transgender Professor

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Something's rotten at Southeastern Oklahoma State University (Hint: It's Douglas McMillan)

Douglas McMillan, the vice president of academic affairs at Southeastern Oklahoma State University says Professor Rachel Tudor’s transgender “lifestyle” “offends his Baptist beliefs”, and has chosen to not only grant the beloved professor tenure, but to terminate her employment altogether.

Ocolly reports:

Despite the complete support of her colleagues and direct superiors within Southeastern Oklahoma State University’s English, humanities and language department, Rachel Tudor, a professor of American and Native American literature, modernity and theory, humanities, composition and philosophy, has been denied tenure and informed that her employment will be terminated as of the end of this spring semester.

According to Claire Potter, a professor of American studies and history at Wesleyan University, Tudor has an amazing record as a scholar, teacher and colleague at the university and has been highly recommended by the tenure review committee. However, the dean and vice president of academic affairs deem Tudor’s “lifestyle” inappropriate, so they have taken actions to make sure Tudor leaves.

Tudor is transgender.

After her complete transition, the human resources department told Tudor she could only use the single handicap bathroom located quite a distance from her office. As a result, she could only assume that Douglas McMillan, the vice president of academic affairs, made such an outrageous request.

Oklahoma is one of many states in our nation that does not have an anti-transgender discrimination law, allowing institutionalized bigotry like this to go on unchecked. Race, creed, gender, color and national origin are all provided for in the state’s anti-discrimination laws, but sexual orientation and gender identity are fireable offenses in the state.

Mr. McMillan, an authority figure to his entire student body, is setting a dangerous example at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. When faced with stories like this one, we can’t help but wonder how people like McMillan remain insulated from the stories of gay teens committing suicide after being bullied and discriminated again, or transgender women being beaten into seizures.

Is Mr. McMillan not aware that his actions will have devastating consequences or does he simply not care?

  • Being transgendered is not a lifestyle. Driving a sports car and wearing designer clothes is. Baptists seem willingly blind to the realities of life.

  • “and has chosen to not only grant the beloved professor tenure, but to terminate her employment altogether.”
    Typo. I believe you meant to say, “and has chosen to not only not grant the beloved professor tenure…”

  • Anonymous

    Being transgender is not a lifestyle. Being Baptist and being a bigot both are. Why is it people who chose the latter two are given special rights while the former are given the shaft?

  • Interesting. My friend from this university told me that this is a lot of BS and the teacher wasn’t fit for tenure. I wonder how long it will take for the the truth to come out (even if she was wronged, it’s never as one-sided as this).

  • Cc

    That’s it! I’m *this* close to becoming methodist.

  • Professor Tudor was voted up by her department and unanimously supported by the faculty tenure and promotions committee twice. The only obstacle in both cases came from the administration (read: McMillan), not from academia.

  • Connie

    Do you see the confusion of our younger generation yet by this life style or are you one of them or old enough or knowledgeable to see the confusion and sadness in it and the people living it?