‘Clovergender’ Is a Sick New Attack on the LGBT Community

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Transgender, cisgender, homosexual and bisexual—no, we’re not listing people at a bar in the West Village. Those are listing real terms and labels used to identify the very diverse parts of our community. Well, it looks like a group of internet trolls have created a new term to upset social justice warriors and mock LGBTQs.

Last week, individuals began identifying as “clovergender.” The term began being used to identify children who are trapped in the bodies of adults. They are calling for acceptance of this new identity, comparing it as an equivalent to being transgender. They are also claiming that because they are children trapped in the bodies of adults, it is OK for them to have relationships with children.

Disgusting, right?

A few Facebook pages were started last week, including this one:

The page is still being updated:

There are also a few accounts on Twitter:

Well, Snopes looked into this, and the whole thing is a scam. It is meant to upset people and throw a wrench in the LGBT community’s movement for equality.

4chan is an image message board that allows for anonymous posting. “A lot of memes come out of there, but unfortunately, a lot of messed up shit comes out of there, too,” Unicorn Booty‘s R.S. Benedict explains.

On Dec. 31, these messages were posted on 4chan:




Snopes wrote:

Concurrent threads discussed building upon the non-existent gender identity to further agitate and aggravate the individuals targeted by the prank. The underlying intent of the clovergender hoax appeared to be undermining the legitimacy of transgender identity, by suggesting its existence enabled anyone to normalize any behavior or trait (even the most taboo practices) as a “gender.” The hoax is apparently part of a years-long tradition on the part of 4chan and 8chan to dupe the media and social media with fantastical claims of non-existent trends and events.

As a result, many people seeing these posts are not aware that they’re fake. Hopefully, Facebook and Twitter shuts these accounts down, since they’re the main way people are finding out about this propaganda used to hurt our community.

  • Purp

    You have to have a sense of Humor, it’s not like they were offending anyone confident about their sexuality, just the teenagers obsessed with making Up terms like Non-Binary and Robot Chicken simply to get attention. Clovergender is a jab at people way too obsessed with with such a simple concept like gender, it’s meant to be a Hard slap in the face to those with their head in the sand, a way to laugh off being serious about Identity all the time.

  • I wasn’t aware that, at 30, college educated, and living a life, My gender identity’s “made up.” Lemme guess: you’re a cis, straight dude. So, to YOU, gender is “such a simple concept.”

    Get out of your bubble and actually meet a trans/GNC person before saying dumb shit.

  • climate3

    that’s bunk. there is an old phrase used in the black community which best describes this – “You play too much.”

  • Tim Peter

    So there’s no such thing as clover gender? This seems like something NAMBLA would do. Are they connected to this somehow?

  • Kyler Phoenix

    Send all comment links about children to the FBI. That will shut the idiots up pretty fast.

  • Kyler Phoenix

    How old are you?

  • Samantha Jo

    Robot Chicken is a television show, moron. And non-binary is not a “made up” term. Gender is not binary. Try educating yourself.

  • Are they willing to have themselves legally declared incompetent as adults, since they are really children? If not, they are just trolling. See, trans people actually *live* as they identify and (this is crucial) doing so does not inherently cause harm to anyone. Also, they need to understand basic biology. There can be no gender that is “child” because humans don’t have a third sex* called, “child”. Except, of course, in their twisted, evil minds.

    *Please note that statistically male-female body parts & attributes each actually exist on a spectrum. Also if there was a third sex it would have been observed by now. The genetic expressions needed for a part to develop on that spectrum in utero is well documented; there is no third leg to the spectrum!

    And finally, wtf is wrong with these people, and why are so many of the really anti-trans people connected to promoting or normalizing child molestation?

  • Jack M.

    It is not an attack on the “LGBT community” because there is no such thing as the LGBT community. There is an LGB community and a T community. The LGB community consists of men and women. By contrast, the T community is deeply involved with concocting new genders and identities, and perhaps this clovergender trolling thing is a critique of them.

  • Space Marine Lysana

    Beg pardon, but the Ts are part of the LGB community as well. A queer trans woman started the Stonewall riots, thank you VERY little. And as a person who is bisexual and non-binary (as well as in Generation X and not a millennial), I also disprove your uneducated drivel by breathing. Kindly get an education. Or go fuck yourself. I don’t care which.

  • Space Marine Lysana

    You really need to study chromosomal variations. And gender is not based on anatomy anyway, so you’re just blathering.

  • MovieBuff

    There’s no such thing as “non-binary”. Please take your own advice.

  • No one cares.

  • PrincessOfTheCrystal

    there has been such a thing as “non-binary” for thousands of years. western colonisers wiped out a lot of indigenous culture that included these identities and now you act like anyone who reverts to the natural state of not ridiculously enforcing a gender binary is being dumb.

  • Oh, please do expand on that a bit. Especially the bit about chromosomal variations…

  • Jack M.

    A “queer trans woman” did not start the Stonewall riots. I understand that this gets repeated over and over with different variations, but it is not correct.

  • Brandon Perry

    Just because I “think” I’m something doesn’t mean I *am* something.

  • Carol Moore

    Hmmm, it occurs to me since all those non-binaries were men, maybe they just acted like women so the straight gay and bi guys could have plausible deniability when they fucked them?? As for the lesbians, in patriarchal society they just killed them…

  • Kyler Phoenix

    Wow. You seem mentally ill. This thread has now been forwarded to law enforcement.

  • Stephen A-Smith

    LOL. This thread hasn’t been forwarded to law enforcement, however, the notion of promoting pedophiles via social media has. For example on the ‘clover gender’ group page on FB they have started linking themselves with support organisations that support children. I’d like to hear your opinions on this? The thing that I’m already aware of is that at least 30 people have asked Facebook to take these pages down, don’t take my word for this Kyler, read the posts for yourself! If Facebook does not respect the views of it’s users then how should this be addressed? My view is simple, any people that promote actions of abusing children behind the disguise of a gender is wrong and in most parts of the world is illegal. I’d be interested in hearing how you suggest pressure should be applied to get these sites off the Internet? As for stating that I seem mentally ill, then in part you are correct, the effects of sexual abuse to a child lasts a lifetime.

  • Kyler Phoenix

    Yes it has. You will not remain anonymous. You are quite likely projecting and need the attention of the authorities. Good luck.

  • Kyler Phoenix

    Oh. That is sick. You are lying about abuse from an account you created just to respond.

  • Stephen A-Smith

    OOh.. You’ve reported it, thanks very much, the more attention given to bringing down the pages on facebook the better. I have no wish or need to remain anonymous & should you want to obtain further information about me to backup your ‘reports’ Kyler, Just do a search on Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms. Oh, thanks for following me on here. Best wishes Stephen x

  • Kyler Phoenix

    No. Not reported. I sent this to the FBI. This is much more serious than you seem to understand. Okay. Your actual name? Facebook page? I don’t need it but I wanted to show you are a coward.

  • Stephen A-Smith

    I’d be interested in your explanation on just how serious your negative views are towards me? Is it that your support of ‘clover gender’ pages & groups are you hiding a more sinister side to your self? Whilst I respect the fact that you have decided to have a ‘private profile’ on here, what right do you have of asking for my personal details? That sort of behaviour is that of a predator! The more you express your views the clearer things are to me. Peace & Love xx

  • Kyler Phoenix

    Can you read? I asked because of your post. I knew you would deflect. You seem mentally defective. This thread has been forwarded. Good luck.

  • Kyler Phoenix

    Dropping out of high school was a bad idea. Have you figured that out for yourself yet?

  • Stephen A-Smith

    Your trolling is diverting away from the actual thread ‘Clovergender’ Is a Sick New Attack on the LGBT Community’ To reiterate points that you have talked about. 1) You said that you have reported this thread to the FBI. Well let’s assume for a microsecond that you have, then FBI please when you read this. Please investigate the actions, motives & people involved in promoting pedophiles & give those that you deem responsible the full actions of the law on ‘Clover Gender’ pages on facebook, twitter & other social media sites. 2) I am who I am, I’ve come out and survived sexual abuse. You do not know me and unless you troll me on other platforms then I hope not to deal with you again. Should you feel uncomfortable then use the ‘block’ option. 3) I have asked you several questions to justify your attack on me. You just ignore them, using your intellect use the up & down buttons to grasp! 4) Also to justify your support in ‘Clover Gender’. As you are defending these groups so strongly, I can only assume that you see it acceptable as a CHILD TRAPPED IN AN ADULTS BODY to seek out and have sexual & emotional interactions with children. Aka – a child abuser. 5) as for your statement “Dropping out of high school was a bad idea. Have you figured that out for yourself yet?”. Perhaps you should consider going back to high school and attaining higher education & values. To be clear, I have drawn a line under your trolling. Post as many replies as you like! This thread is about ‘Clovergender’ Is a Sick New Attack on the LGBT Community’ Please keep to the subject matter. Lots of Love from a Gay Man – Out & Proud xx

  • Kyler Phoenix

    You’re finished.

  • castratingsaulmadepaul

    It may have started as a joke on 4 chan or redit or whatever, but it’s real for those of us that identify as clover gendered.

  • castratingsaulmadepaul

    Pedophiles are predators that abuse children. Clover genders can’t be pedophiles because we’re children ourselves.

  • MovieBuff

    Religious superstitions and voodoo cannibalism aren’t legitimate arguments. It’s still not real. There are only two genders.