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Courtney Act’s New Video Asks Us to Put Circumcision on the Chopping Block

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Courtney Act, semi-finalist on Australian Idol and one of the season six RuPaul’s Drag Race queens, has just released a new video in which she talks about a very important subject: dicks. Or, more accurately, foreskin.

Courtney Act: Cut or Uncut?

I go down under on a topic close to my heart, well, a bit lower than my heart. My comprehensive guide to foreskin and circumcision

Posted by Courtney Act on Friday, March 31, 2017

In the video, she talks about the history of circumcision, starting from the covenant between God and Abraham to the modern day. She debunks many of the various myths going around. Contrary to popular belief, circumcision is proven to have no effect on gay men contracting HIV.

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Act’s most important point, however, is how the foreskin contains many, many nerves not found in the rest of the penis. Circumcision removes that, reducing sensitivity and pleasure. (Which is not to say, of course, that those with circumcised penii don’t feel pleasure from sex… just less.)

Of course, given circumcision’s modern history as a tool to curb masturbation, that was probably seen as a feature, not a bug.

Act rightfully points out that given the facts, circumcision, if not done for religious reasons, is merely plastic surgery. At least it’s slightly better now — until relatively recently, circumcisions on infants were performed without anesthesia. If you think someone hacking at your dick is bad, just imagine being able to feel it.

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In the video, Act says her “biggest regret in life was losing [her] foreskin.” There are proposed foreskin restoration therapies. Most involve “tugging,” a prolonged process of gently stretching the remaining foreskin. Eventually, your body will start to regrow the foreskin over the head of the penis. This process can be dangerous — if done correctly, it’s painless, though some people can injure themselves by being overzealous.

Courtney Act makes a good argument for ending this practice — at least when done cosmetically. (When it comes to religion, that decision is between you and your god.)

  • A_Commenter

    When it is done by a consenting adult to their own body then it is a ‘decision between you and your god’. When an infant is placed on an alter and has part of their body offered to a deity then it’s ritualistic sacrifice.

  • Jhon Murdock

    Recommending an unnecessary and unconsented surgery on anyone is not only unethical it is also illegal. Fraudulent surgeries lacking a proper medical diagnosis must be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

  • Jhon Murdock

    If you are still standing by your debunked opinion article that appeared in Mayo Clinical Procedure (but not on their website), where you assert that, “The benefits of infant male circumcision exceed the risks by over 100 to 1.”, then you should easily come up with 7,200 “benefits” to offset the following risks, harms and outrages of infant penile mutilation.

    1. Doctors make enough money doing their necessary work. They don’t need the extra income from doing circumcisions or from selling foreskins to labs.
    2. Doctors’ time and energy are limited. They should not be wasting their time and efforts doing unnecessary surgery when people who truly have illnesses or injuries need their services.
    3. Babies have feelings. They are sensitive and aware. No adequate or safe method exists for pain relief for a newborn. Even with local anesthesia, the baby is put through a great deal of trauma.
    4. Babies and small children cannot consent. It is unethical to needlessly alter another person’s body, especially amputating a normally occurring body structure without that person’s consent.
    5. Infant circumcision can interfere with mother-infant bonding because babies typically fall into a deep, non-rem sleep following the trauma.
    6. Infant circumcision can interfere with establishing breastfeeding because of this abnormal sleep pattern.
    7. Infant circumcision can create a fussier, more difficult to soothe baby – even long after the wound itself has healed.
    8. A fussier, difficult to soothe baby makes bonding more difficult. The parents may feel frustrated and detached from a continually crying, fussy baby.
    9. Infant circumcision can cause an instinctive rejection instinct in the mother because she perceives that the baby is injured, and thus damaged.
    10. Infant circumcision can cause emotional detachment from the baby in the mother who was forced to let go of her maternal protective instincts in order to allow the circumcision.
    Complications of Circumcision:
    11. Excessive bleeding – Babies cannot afford to lose very much blood.
    12. Infection of the circumcision site.
    13. Meatal ulceration – soreness and tissue erosion of the exposed glans due to urine burns.
    14. Meatal stenosis – a smaller than normal urethral opening in the exposed glans.
    15. Undetected hemophilia.
    16. Retention of Plastibell ring.
    17. Concealed penis (remaining shaft and glans disappearing into the fat pad of a circumcised infant.)
    18 .Urethral fistula
    19. Phimosis of remaining foreskin
    20. Urinary retention
    21. Glans necrosis
    22. Injury to and loss of glans
    23. Excessive skin loss
    24. Skin bridge
    25. Sewing of penile skin to the glans
    26. Laceration of penile or scrotal skin
    27. Undetected hypospadias (if foreskin could have been used to repair it.)
    28. Preputial cysts
    29. Complications of anesthesia
    30. Tuberculosis, herpes, and other diseases from mezizah
    31. Strangulation of glans by hair
    32. Recurrence of pneumothorax
    33. Pulmonary embolism
    34. Keloid formation
    35, Lymphedema or elephantiasis of skin
    36. The reaction of an older sibling (child tried to cut his own penis after his baby brother’s bris.)
    37. “Cosmetic problems” (i.e. jagged or uneven cut)
    38. Loss of penis.
    39. Less skin to work with if vaginoplasty is later desired in male-to-female sex reassignment.
    40. Death.
    41. Foreskin has a protective function the way eyelids protect the eyes.
    42. Foreskin has an erogenous function – sensory nerve endings.
    43. Women dislike sex that is abrasive and uncomfortable due to lack of foreskin.
    44. Approx. 80% of the world’s male population is intact.
    45. Rate of infant circumcision in the U.S. is steadily declining.
    46. The U.S. appears ridiculous in the eyes of most other countries for continuing to do this to their sons.
    47. Can cause poor parent-child relationships in adulthood if the man resents his parents for allowing this to be done to his body.
    48. Parental depression due to remorse once facts are learned.
    49. Companies that use newborn foreskin tissue for their product – be it face cream or skin graft material – can achieve similar results from other sources.
    50. Companies that produce sexual lubricants to compensate excessive friction and abrasion due to lack of foreskin don’t need to keep taking our money. They can make more beneficial products instead.
    51. Circumcision is expensive and many insurance companies don’t cover it. Parents’ money can be put to better use.
    52. Intact child may be happy and at peace with himself knowing his body is complete.
    53. Intact child may appreciate having parents who care about his well being and want to do things right.
    54. The intactivist community is an exciting, vibrant group of people. Parents can have the opportunity to become part of it.
    55. Parents can have the satisfaction of knowing they are defying a long-held falsehood intended to weaken and diminish sexuality
    56. Infant’s self confidence and hardiness is diminished by forcing the newborn victim into a defensive psychological state of “learned helplessness” or
    “acquired passivity” to cope with the excruciating pain which he can neither fight nor flee.
    57. Trauma of early pain lowers a circumcised boy’s pain threshold
    Anatomical Structures Lost when Foreskin is Amputated:
    58. Frenar band or Ridged Band.
    59. Mechanical gliding action.
    60. Meissner’s corpuscles
    61. Frenulum
    62. Dartos Fascia
    63. Immunological System
    64. Lymphatic Vessels.
    65. Estrogen Receptors
    66. Apocrine glands
    67. Sebaceous glands
    68. Langerhans cells
    69. Natural glans coloration
    70. Length and circumference
    71. Blood Vessels
    72. Dorsal Nerves

  • Frederick Rhodes

    Properly educated physicians and parents can raise children healthy, whole, and fully functional, never needing the benefits form the genital cutting ritual called circumcision, making no benefits from ritual infant genital cutting rituals. Misinformed, superstitious, archaic misdiagnosis, are excuses used to promote unnecessary genital cutting rituals on infants. Claiming there are benefits from Sexual assault, pain, nerve damage, shock and trauma to the undeveloped brains and exterior reproductive organs of infants and children is unethical, as well as known to cause psychosis in the adults.

  • TLCTugger

    Circumcision alters sex dramatically. Informed adults can decide for themselves. Forced genital cutting is unethical.

    Foreskin feels REALLY good.

  • M Lyndon

    Your views are way out of line with those of most actual medical doctors. National medical organizations in Germany and Sweden have called for a ban on elective infant male circumcision, the South Africans support a ban with religious exemptions, and the Danish and Dutch said they’d support a total ban if they didn’t think it would drive the practice underground.

  • Preppydad

    Who cares what a FU Drag Queen has to say…a sick individual to say the least…I knew you were some queer with a foreskin fetish!

  • ac05jn

    wow, that’s a very long-winded way to tell someone how stupld they are for quoting the circumfetishist brian morris

  • ac05jn

    What!? NO!! Don’t put circumcision on the chopping block… put the sadistic pedophiles, mercenaries, and misandrists who commit it against children without anesthesia there!

  • ac05jn

    no consent no covenant.

  • ac05jn

    unethical; criminal. child circumcision is illegal wherever child abuse is illegal. circumcision is child abuse.

  • ac05jn

    you are a satanic monster. go back to hell

  • ac05jn

    “little public health relevance in a Western context” or anywhere else. foreskin is not a birth defect.

    2007 Dr. L. de Witte finds that Langerhans cells found in the foreskin are a natural barrier to HIV infection. (Note: This and other similar studies were widely ignored throughout the American media.) [Langerin is a natural barrier to HIV-1 transmission by Langerhans cells. Nature Medicine 2007;(13):367-371]

    “””VMMC is often portrayed as a simple surgical solution to the African HIV/AIDS epidemic. Africans have found that this is not the reality. Many cite ethical and human rights issues within the campaign. Others observe that newly circumcised men and their partners appear to be infected with HIV at a *higher* rate than those who were left alone.

    Western public health agencies are endorsing VMMC to curb the spread of HIV by 50–60%. To that end, they are actively misinforming Africans that circumcision is protective against HIV (the “surgical condom” myth). This false security is a leading contributor to the HIV epidemic today. In Malawi, the national HIV rate is reported to have *doubled* from 10% to 20% in the first year VMMC was implemented. In Uganda where we conducted our investigation, Ministry of Health statistics show higher HIV rates now than before VMMC implementation.

    African HIV rates had been on a downward trend that was reversed when VMMC was implemented. For the first time since the war on AIDS began, HIV is back on the rise. “”” – The VMMC Experience Project (Voices from the African circumcision campaign)

  • Angela Erdstrom

    Is this the same professor who puts crustaceans into his swim trunks and talks to his teen daughter about his penis?

  • Maryland_Mansion

    Here we have professor Morris shilling his own circumcision fetish website and biased studies done by himself and other circumfetishests.

    If anyone want to read about how much of a sick individual professor Morris is:

  • TLCTugger

    Even when it goes as planned, circumcision alters sex dramatically. Foreskin feels REALLY good. Seriously, it’s the best part. Informed adults can decide for themselves about amputating exquisite sexual parts.