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The All-Time 20 Greatest Queer Video Game Characters

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Moonmist, lesbian video game
The cover of Moonmist

Thirty years ago, many video games were text-based, where players had to type commands in and then read what was happening. A lot was left to the imagination! Nowadays that process seems kind of boring, but our look at queer video games actually starts in those early days. in 1986 a company called Infocom released a computer game called Moonmist, a haunted castle mystery that featured frosty artist Vivian Pentreath, the first lesbian character in video game history. The first explicitly queer game, an underground 1988 mystery called Caper In The Castro, came shortly after, although its technology has been lost to the sands of time. Since then video games have become technically more sophisticated, and so have a wide array of LGBT characters in both mainstream and indie games. Here are 19 of our other favorites. It is by no means a comprehensive list, so feel free to send hate mail because we left out your favorite:

Eagle in Street Fighter

Eagle (Street Fighter)

Eagle was one of two English fighters in the original Street Fighter game from 1987. A butler by trade (sure he is), he fights with sticks while wearing suspenders and a bow tie. In later Street Fighter games he was reinvented as the ultimate fan of bisexual Queen singer Freddie Mercury. Believe it or not, several video games make direct Queen references.

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