Reba McEntire + Blake Shelton’s Homophobic Jake Gyllenhaal Joke at CMA’s

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Shelton & McEntire pander to their audience with homophobia. Jerks.

I know country music is red state mana, but Seriously Reba? McEntire and Blake Shelton cracked a tiiiiiired gay joke at Jake Gyllenhaal’s expense last night at the Country Music Awards. The cowboys in the audience chuckled as the two waxed philosophical about Taylor Swift’s inability to hold down a man.

(Editor: Could it maybe be that Swift is simply not a pleasure to be romantically involved with? Why is it everyone else’s fault that she is single? Single happens. Get over it.)

The sorry exchange went a little something like this:

Reba: “She writes songs about guys who break up with her, which I don’t understand in the first place. She’s beautiful, she’s talented, she’s sweet. What in the world was Jake Gyllenhaal thinking?”

Blake: “Wait a minute… He was in Brokeback Mountain!”

CBS immediately yanked the offensive footage from the internet in hopes of squashing criticism of the televised homophobia. Thankfully, we scored a low-res clip to share with you.

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Brokeback Mountain was so 2005.

Let me break down a few things for y’all here.

  • Brokeback Mountain came out in 2005. Six years ago. How about you get some new material? Also, Gyllenhaal’s co-star and pal in real life, Heath Ledger DIED from a tragic overdose not long after. How about you lay off the fucking gay taunts about a talented actor who lost his friend?
  • Reba, aren’t you supposed to be an ally of the gay community? Way to be a fair weather friend. Put a girl in a room full of cowboy hats and her true colors show. Fancy, you’ve let me down.
  • Finally, if Blake Shelton wishes to dress like a homosexual, he should also be more considerate of pissing them the fuck off.

Are you disappointed with Reba and Blake? Ech…it’s just so typical.

  • Yeah, let’s not turn this into a witch hunt.

  • What do you expect at the Country Music Awards?

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was kind of funny, I didn’t take offense at all. Come on people, it’s a JOKE. I thought we wanted to be EQUAL right? Well then we’re going to have to learn how to laugh at ourselves once in a while. It was obviously meant in jest and not to be offensive.

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was kind of funny, I didn’t take offense at all. Come on people, it’s a JOKE. I thought we wanted to be EQUAL right? Well then we’re going to have to learn how to laugh at ourselves once in a while. It was obviously meant in jest and not to be offensive.

  • I respectfully disagree with the previous two comments.

  • Blake Meadows

    wow… way to make something out of nothing.

  • wow. really? it was funny. get over it. it hurt no one. and what’s more, the bits that (virtually every gay blog in existence when the movie came out) posted about “is he?” or “could they be?” etc. were much more damaging to the gay community than that joke was.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not quite sure how a joke about Jake Gyllenhaal’s sexuality can be considered homophobic. Not to mention that rumors have been swirling for years and years that Jake is gay. Come on people, stop being so sensitive.

  • Attacking our supporters over a mild joke? C’mon, UB, I thought higher of you than this.

    Reba has shown herself to be a supporter of the LGBT community. As was said before, if we want equality, we should learn to recognize when one of our supporters is honestly making a joke, and laugh along with it. Being offended by everything that happens in this world will only make us look bad, and lower the support we get. Is that your goal?

  • Hannah Jinn

    I think the comment was more innocent than it was interpreted. True, it’s an off-color joke, but it was mild compared to things that could have been said.

  • Richard

    hell Iv’e been more insulted than that by material on on family guy

  • Megan Vermeer

    Way to blow things out of proportion… again. I’m starting to trust the ‘news’ here less and less :/

  • TC Wilson

    I would hope that remark was written by a third party. Shelton should still be pretty ashamed of that.

  • Ashley Valencia

    …That’s not homophobic, it’s a lame, not very funny joke but far from offensive. You’re blowing this way out of proportion.

  • Andy Madrigal

    I don’t think the queer part of the joke is a problem per se, but the joke seems to rely on it for laughs because of how poorly it’s set up. Plus, I agree – Heath Ledger’s death was a tragedy and it’d take a hell of a mind to make humor out of that.

  • Monique Cleary Little

    I took nothing they said in offense at all. It was just a joke and people are way to sensitive anymore.

  • Antajuan

    I found that funny and I’m a openly gay man who loves Reba. I think that this really wasn’t that serious.

  • Eric

    This isn’t offensive at all… sorry, but you’re blowing this out of proportion

  • Anonymous

    Is someone PMSing? Because I was expecting something way worse than that… Really? Go take some Midol please, and find us something that was meant anything more than as a JOKE.

  • sean mahoney

    I’m mean Reba?!? CBS?!? The recording industry?!? Of course this ancient group of dinosaurs is making a Brokeback Mountain joke. This is probably the first time ever Reba’s been mentioned in a blog. The last time she was on a magazine cover Clinton was in office. And country music? Who cares? Other than the 9 people who watch CBS before they take their meds, I doubt anyone actually saw this live!

  • branni

    Reba would obviously never put down someone who is gay. She supports the LGBT community and really; her career is successful because of a lot of the LGBT community; same with Bette Midler and Cher.

  • I love that move but it makes me cry every time! It’s so good though!!!

  • Nate Scheindlin

    Dear Kevin Ferrell and the editors, I’m shocked and saddened that you’re making an issue out of this, AT ALL. Are you kidding me? Look at everyone’s responses to your article. I understand if someone is spewing hate or intolerance but you’re basically representing us as weak and fragile and unable to handle innocent jokes. I want equality but I have no desire to live in a world where everyone around me has to walk on eggshells…

  • Nate Scheindlin

    p.s. “Reba, aren’t you supposed to be an ally of the gay community? Way to be a fair weather friend. Put a girl in a room full of cowboy hats and her true colors show. Fancy, you’ve let me down.”
    That statement disgusts me. With all of the support that Reba has given and you’re willing to throw her under the bus for NOTHING. I believe that you are, in all actuality, the most offensive person in the article…

  • Kim McAfee

    I hate the fact that the writer of this article represents the LGBT community in any way. Mr. Farrell, your hate mongering towards people who make an innocent joke is inexcusable. You are an embarrassment. I am officially over reading anything on this site again.

  • o.O? That’s offensive?

  • Anonymous

    it was a movie. he is an actor. it’s that simple.

  • Andrew Christopher Burhoe

    If you can take ****, you can take a joke. I mean she didn’t go overboard.

  • Oh boo that wasn’t offensive. Once again UB is always looking for some way to be offended whether or not we should be. The only slightly offensive assertion made was that Jake gyllenhaal might be gay simply because he played a gay character. the response to which was “moving right along” which doesn’t impart any kind of homophobic sentiment. If anything what one should take away from her comment was that if he is gay, so what, it’s none of our business.

  • I am sooooo glad you mentioned that Taylor might be the issue in all of her failed relationships!

  • Yeah I’d have to say I agree with the other 95%. Perhaps you were running dry on material, or struggling to fill some sort of quota…whatever your reasoning, you’ve certainly made a mountain out of a molehill. It is a little embarrassing, I have to admit.

  • Guest

    Um… That didn’t bother me one bit.

  • Scott Cox

      I  think that its ok to crack jokes, but tired jokes against people for no other reason than to inspire mean feelings, hate of a race, a sexual orientation or any other assessment of a persons moral values, their lifestyles or any related material.. Joke about things that dont hurt others , dont use others as a personal gain for your own fame.  I look at this and feel ashamed..lets say these were black jokes or mexican jokes or redneck inbreeding jokes.  Yeah that changes the thoughts of everyone.. 

  • J. Donovan Carroll

    Not sure what the big deal is?  Not only was it not offensive to me but it wasn’t funny either.

  • toddklopfer

    Kevin Farrell, I was going to jump on the pile too but figured you would enjoy it too much. Oops I made a homosexual reference. Guess I am homophobic.  I am not into country music but I like Reba and Blake both. They come across as real people with little malice towards anyone.  I don’t find the joke funny but that is because I don’t think its funny not because there is a homosexual referrence.  I have heard more offensive comments from other gay people. Hell, I have made more offensive comments.