Religious Fanatic Girl Praises God For Devastation In Japan

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"God is good. This chick is nuts."

YouTube fan-turned-most despised person on the planet, Tamtampamela, makes us feel very, very uncomfortable with her assertion that “God shook the country of Japan by the shoulders” to show atheists of the world they are going to Hell. It’s the same old “God did this to punish you” for some moral issue that readers see bigots spouting on gay blogs all the time.

This chick is unwell, and seems to have been completely failed by her parents, teachers, and all those who should have taught her compassion.

***Update: YouTube has removed the girl’s channel. Switching to the Perez Player.

Such horrible things to think, let alone record and broadcast to the entire world. For what it’s worth, her YouTube channel lists the following insight into her worldview.

And my favorite quote of all time: “I don’t know that atheists should be considered citizens, nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under God.” –President George Bush, August 27, 1988

Homegirl even accuses President Obama of being the AntiChrist.

Ugh. Sad. Awful. Etc.

  • espy

    It is really sad our disaster feeds nutjobs like her.. We don’t even believe in their god to start with. It is jaw-droppingly irrelevant i don’t even know how to criticize to this.

  • SCLiberal

    “insight” not “incite”. Two totally different words/meanings.

  • Anonymous

    This “lentil” season?

    God is so loving that he kills thousands of people at the personal request of this misguided little girl. I don’t think so. I pity this child and people who think like her.

  • Good eye. Thanks for the assist.

  • SCLiberal

    Anytime. 🙂

  • SCLiberal

    I went to YouTube and reported the video as hate speech. Go thou and do ye likewise.

  • OMGoddess……… As a witch, all I can say, her life is in the hands of the Gods and Goddesses. They do with her want they want…….

  • Anonymous

    Crazy train!!

  • Anonymous

    i think someone switched her seroquel with E pills at the bible meeting. What a dumb cnut.

  • Lexi Suarez

    Wow, she’s disgusting.

  • William Ross Heidemann

    Nut case!

  • Adam Kuglin

    If her goal is to convert atheists to Christianity, boy-howdy is she doin’ it wrong. o.O

  • Christina Bischoff

    I hope a tsunami hits that girl’s house. It’ll be God shaking her shoulders, saying, ‘Hey, dumbass, I’m actually a decent person! I’m not as fucked up as you!’

  • It seems we’ve all been punked. This specious young woman, it seems, is an atheist, and this is her heavy-handed, tasteless, opportunistic attempt at parody.
    A pity, as her other (much shorter) clips actually display some good, sharp, absurdist humor.
    This however, is just “too soon.”
    FAIL (as did Joe.My.God and other blogsite). “To err is human.”

  • Anna Adler

    this makes me wanna vomit. someone beat this girl.

  • Do you have proof of this?

  • Seems we’ve all been punked. It’s so easy to believe that this kind of attitude really exists. Not saying it doesn’t but our belief that it does makes it easy to pull one over on us.

  • bobbyjoeguy

    Ok… this girl is batsh!t crazy! There can be no other explanation for praying for the deaths of thousands and thousands of innocent people.

  • batshit crazy…if that’s what God is, I’ll do without, thanks.

  • you gotta listen to others she posted.
    Like the one where she ponders: ” If God doesn’t exist, who wrote the bible? Think about that, atheists!”
    Do the names Mark, Luke, John and Matthew ring a bell for starters?
    So I wrote back and asked who wrote the English version then since we know they didn’t speak English back then! haha

  • Barry

    God parted his cheeks and this is what he shit out. She ought to pray that the brain she lent may come back. This the reason we need abortions. Imagine if this thing came someone you knew?

  • hmmmmm… i’m sitting here and I thought that video games and television ruined the young minds… you guys know where the dilio this is going.

    Belief is NOT Knowledge.

  • Umm… yeah… if this is how your God does things, then your God is my enemy.

  • Anonymous

    update: She was just trollin. she confirmed it in a video. she is queen of the trolls

  • Chelsea Perren

    Agreed. Although, as a fellow witch, I especially enjoyed the World of Warcraft rant where she insisted that it taught players to cast spells in real life. Apparently, pressing a simple button is all you need to summon a demon or set someone on fire. I wonder if I can program my remote that way….

  • Kisaki Anrui

    I was going to mention the lentil as well.

  • Kat

    No! She has obviously already fell down the retarded tree and hit every branch on her way to this pathetic low.. she doesn’t need anymore of that. Also, if her parents fit the stereotype of religious fanatics, they probably have already beat her senseless for all of her childhood. She needs to learn true compassion. What I think should be done to her is to take her to the middle of the chaos in Japan and leave her there. … for her to see those families suffering.. and for her to notice all of the Japanese Christians that suffer right along with everyone else.

  • Amazing? Amazing? It’s amazing to have a large amount of people die, families get separated, possessions destroyed?…The nice men with the White Coats and the Special Jacket that makes you hug yourself will be there momentarily.

  • Anonymous

    Pop Quiz:
    – What is Subduction?
    – What is a Tectonic Plate?
    – What is the Ring of Fire?
    – Name 2 types of Volcanism
    – Name 2 causes of Tsunamis
    – Are Subduction, Seismology, or Tectonic Plates mentioned in the Bible, Koran, or Hindu Vedas?
    – What is a better source of information for Subduction or Continental Drift?
    – – A: The Bible.
    – – B: The Koran.
    – – C: Geology for Dummies
    – – D: Atharva Veda
    – What caused the earthquake in Japan in March of 2011?
    – – A: Allah
    – – B: A megathrust fault slippage along a boundary of the highly seismic subduction zone
    where several tectonic plates converge.
    – – C: God
    – – D: Kali

  • Anonymous

    Pop Quiz:
    – What is Subduction?
    – What is a Tectonic Plate?
    – What is the Ring of Fire?
    – Name 2 types of Volcanism
    – Name 2 causes of Tsunamis
    – Are Subduction, Seismology, or Tectonic Plates mentioned in the Bible, Koran, or Hindu Vedas?
    – What is a better source of information for Subduction or Continental Drift?
    – – A: The Bible.
    – – B: The Koran.
    – – C: Geology for Dummies
    – – D: Atharva Veda
    – What caused the earthquake in Japan in March of 2011?
    – – A: Allah
    – – B: A megathrust fault slippage along a boundary of the highly seismic subduction zone
    where several tectonic plates converge.
    – – C: God
    – – D: Kali

  • Anonymous

    She is an atheist troller using the Japanese tragedy to show how ignorant she thinks Christianity is. I do, however, think that it is insensitive as hell and she has received enough threats that she has deleted her profile on youtube.

  • Keep up – tamtampamela admitted she was/is a troll and deactivated her account after posting a video titled “Coming Clean”. I suspect the whole thing was some subversive advertising campaign. She posted videos about WOW (world of warcraft) being “Satanic”…. even bad publicity is good publicity in some circles.

  • OlgaK

    Someone whom confuses Jesus teaching, first Christian cannot judge people, secondly Jesus only advocated love and respect for mankind. Jesus converted the gentiles through peace, not horror. How confused is this woman? She is not a true Christian, Mother Theresa knows what Jesus taught!

  • She is seriously certifiable… needs a new white jacket and a padded cell!

  • MY FREAKING LORD. WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS CHICK?! She’s absolutely terrible D: People like her make me sad for this world.

  • If we get upset by this person, we are crazier than she is. If that’s the way God thinks, well, then Las Vegas, San Francisco, and all the other sinful cities in America, look out. LOL. This is what you call religion. Religion kills; God is a God of relationship through Christ Jesus.

  • Crazy lady! Who is to say that Japan doesn’t pray to god? She gives a bad name to all Christians.

  • Raphael

    how is that people like this exist in the world

  • Anonymous

    YOU are so demented! You don’t even know the difference between a God-loving faith and an atheist! Jesus, Buddha, Allah are all the same God with different translations….you stupid girl! An atheist is someone who doesn’t believe in a God!!! AND how dare you say that my awesome God is as uncaring as YOU! He is a loving God and would NEVER put his “wrath” upon a people, many of whom do believe in HIM, as you claim. You are a spiteful, hateful girl who is possessed by the Devil in the guise of a Christian. I put you in the same group as the other hateful people protesting the funerals of our great people in uniform dying for the right for you to spread this garbage!!!!!!!!

  • Jeannyvett Colón

    What about the Christian’s that died… I wonder if this lunatic girl actually knows that people died on that tsunami….

  • Emily Phillips

    Hopefully when he hits America, she’s one of the first victims c:

  • Albert Heretik Hathaway

    This chick makes God sound like a terrorist

  • God does not operate this way. Do not mistake this woman as an example of who God is. Remember that if you believe in God, you must also believe there is an enemy of God who is known as Lucifer, and he does what ever he can to undermine mankind’s relationship or potential relationship with their creator. This woman has been deceived.

    The Bible says in Matthew 7.21-23

    21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ 23 Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’ (NIV)

    My prayer for her is that she digs into the scripture and ask the Holy Spirit to guide and direct her to God’s truth, and to veer away from nonsense such as she has displayed here. Jesus Christ also says in

    Matthew 7.1-5

    1 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.
    3 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4 How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. (NIV)

    Also, my prayer for all of the people of Japan and all others who have been lost, hurt, or suffered in any way due to the earthquake, tsunami, and the potential nuclear reactor crisis is that the peace and mercy of Christ be upon them and their loved ones, and that they find comfort in their time of need. May God bless them and keep them. Amen.

  • Anonymous

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBZMCtIXjIA The Coming Clean Video from Youtube.

  • Wow what church do you have to be a member of to have your belief system allow you to be happy and joyful that thousands of people die and that you would wish that on your own nation.

  • Anonymous

    Plain and simple…..she doesn’t know her Sh.t from her As….e…..she’s such a brainless “child”

  • Anonymous

    Plain and simple, she doesn’t know her sh.t from her assh..e she’s such a brainless child. When she goes to church, she leaves her brain by the door and picks up the crayon.

  • Anonymous

    God “showed His love” thru an earthquake & a tsunami? So how does He show his displeasure?

  • Thanks dummy. Thanks for setting kind hearted Christians BACK who actually care about Gods word (and not your stupid prayer aboutthe second coming), YOU F*ING TARD! God will serve you with what’s due to you, you narrow minded vermin.

  • Joshua

    there is a difference between a natural disaster and an act of God, if God is love then he would not be vengeful.

  • bill

    I’m an atheist, and I’d happily go to hell if it would mean an eternity spent away from people like this person.

  • They should fire her from whatever comedy show she’s on.

    Also, she gives Christianity a bad name. This is not the wrath of God, there are many Christians and Missionaries and Christian Churches in Japan.

  • Pup McKeenan

    This girl is the antichrist. This is why you leave some children after birth out for the elements to take.

  • Pup McKeenan

    According to Christians and specifically this girl anyone who does not believe in Christ like she does IS an atheist. Too bad she doesn’t realize Jesus doesn’t want her as a worshipper and that even if she believes she really is an Atheist.

  • Pup McKeenan

    Nope she “Lentil”-ed her brain out. And it is refusing to go back.

  • Pup McKeenan

    You forgot god is American and Republican And Jesus is a Christian. Yes Jesus follows himself.

  • Pup McKeenan

    Jesus, what a Narcisist.

  • Pup McKeenan

    I am Wiccan as well, and I keep hitting the “Delete” button, but she is not being deleted from the face of the planet. It must be true then that God favors children, Idiots, and ships named Enterprise.

  • Pup McKeenan

    I know! The Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas.

  • Pup McKeenan

    Unfortunately the majority of Christians are like this girl, and not enough of you that are sane, Stand up and denounce people like her, and shout them down when they speak.

  • Pup McKeenan

    This attitude really does exist, See the Westboro Baptist Church, and the Reverend Fred Phelps.

  • Pup McKeenan

    It is easy after you get caught showing your “truth” to the world and then claim it was a big joke when the FBI comes a knocking on your door. This is why we need an amendment in our constitution making hate speech a felony and an act of treason.

  • Pup McKeenan

    It is easy to recant your true views and beliefs when people threaten to kill you. I bet she did this to put Atheists in a bad light. Sometimes you have to judge the original intent as fact.

  • Pup McKeenan

    God is a terrorist.

  • Pup McKeenan

    If God is all Knowing and all Powerful Then he knew before hand that creating Lucifer was a bad idea, and even now has the cure for the devil, but refuses to use it to help humanity. That is what I called True evil. So go ahead and keep loving an indifferent and sadistic god. You are here only for his amusement and a good chuckle. TOOL!

  • Pup McKeenan

    All she said was she intended to piss off people, not that she didn’t tell her true beliefs, or that she is an Atheist herself. She said nothing about whether she is or is not a Christian. Either way she is a sick and dangerous person and need to be punished. If you know her in real life, smacker until she cries. Then do it again each hour for the rest of her life.

  • Anonymous

    This chick needs to take a thick one rigt in the ass!

  • Dale Winters

    This is why I dislike religion…. it causes you to be stupid… take a geology class and you will learn why the disaster in Japan happened.

  • Have you met a christian lately? Watch Easy A. Believe it or not, that movie was fairly accurate on how a lot of “Christian” teens act.
    Now, as far as “adult” Christians. Lets recap: Catholics. Southern baptists (not to be confused with regular baptists). Puritans. Quakers. The Amish. And the Crusades *that was “Christian” extremists* and there were “Christian” ties to the Holocaust.


    Whoever that girl is…yeah, thanks for making Christians look like judgemental, inconsiderate, and uncompassionate assholes..

  • I have found that most Baptists completely denounce Phelps and his coven of the insane. But they do so not for his anti-gay stance but for the fact that they picket soldier’s funerals. If they only picketed gay people’s funerals (like Matthew Sheppard) most Baptists wouldn’t give a fig.

  • Wow. I’m awestruck that there is someone who actually believes like this. It makes me so sad to see that there are close-minded people such as this girl in the world. To think that the deaths of thousands of innocent people is a message from God is frightening, almost sickening. The incident in Japan was a tragedy, not a blessing. Furthermore, it should not be praised, but mourned. This girl obviously has never had a real tragedy in her life.
    I really hope she’s faking this. If so, she would be the biggest troll in the history of the world, and I would feel very relieved.

  • Toni-Lee Lorenzi

    I bonus point for youtube for kicking her off!

  • Just incase you guys missed this crazy girl…

  • This chick is off her f-ing rocker!!!!!

  • Andrew Vera

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything so ignorant in my entire life…and I’m from Texas!!

  • That makes me sick and she makes my skin crawl. this girl needs mental help and needs to put away in a padded cell.
    As a pagan I do not belive any god or goddess would ever listen to the payers of a brain washed girl like that.

  • Erin Williams

    I think I’m going to vomit.

  • Erin Williams

    For real? Wow, she’s good. As in, she’s a terrible human being for leading us on like that.

  • Anonymous

    She was trolling…basically she was pretending to be a Christian fanatic…she is still a whacko with no taste!! That tragedy and any other like it should NEVER be fodder for off color humor. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBZMCtIXjIA

  • Gillianne Rountree

    “Once He hits Europe… once He hits America…” If she’s implying cataclysmic proportions, she must have had her head up her tush. 911, anyone? I’ll be overjoyed once He hits her upside her head and says “Wake up!!!”

  • Anonymous

    you all took her that seriously? jeeze. she was trolling, she even admitted on her last video before she took down her youtube page. it was a joke to make fun of extremist Christians

  • Shelby von Schmelz

    She must work with Westboro baptist Church

  • Brian Walsh

    Damn, someone get that girl a cigarette. I think she just had a prayer-gasm. Was it good for you, God?

  • Linsey Campbell

    Yah know, I think she should meet up with those looneys that are with the Westboro Baptist Church. xD
    And at the 2:50 mark when she’s saying ‘Oh God’ and all that… It kind of sounds like she’s making love to him. Or it sounds like what someone says during great sex xD

  • She is a fake. Duh. Look it up if you don’t believe me . The term is “troll”.

  • She is a fake. Duh. Look it up if you don’t believe me . The term is “troll”.

  • Dolo

    OK, some people still don’t get it, even after her “Coming Clean” video was posted twice. She was just kidding. She’s still got problems, just different ones. She seems to think she’s funny for tricking everyone. She’s going straight to hell!

  • can god answer my prayer and kill her that would be great

  • Anonymous

    People will be stupid whether they are religious or not.

  • girlygirl1983

    Sounds like my mother-in-law. What an idiot.

  • girlygirl1983

    I agree that she’s not at all compassionate and this is a totally unChristian way to think. But wishing that she’d be gang raped and killed is aweful. You wouldn’t want someone doing that to a person you love. She’s someone’s daughter, too. Just do like she said and just pray to whomever you believe in that the hate in her heart will disappear.

  • girlygirl1983

    That’s not a nice thing to call Jesus!

    (That was sarcasm.)

  • Derek Griggs

    I am sorry, but I have to say that I did just what she said, I stopped the video and PRAYED… Prayed that she would be gang raped and killed!! What a FU(KING ( U N T!!

  • i hope “god” fucks her in the ass

  • Lil_Fluff

    I’m not to big on religion, I’m technically Catholic but theres mix of religion in my house.
    But some how I think, sorry if I make a complete ass out myself, but I feel like it’s some balance. There’s always good and evil, dark and light, love and hate, nothing will change that.

    I think it is also said that God loves ALL his children, even the devil, so no one has a right to say god hates you and your going to hell. It is a matter of justice that is served, there are horrible people and it’s like karma is kicking their ass as they are sent to hell. Atheists are not hated, gays are not hated. That isn’t a reason to go to hell.

    We have human will, I do not believe god controls every single little thing like most of these over religious people, but I do feel he can perform a miracle. We were given a life to live as we please and it’s actions that judge us in both life and death. The earth is alive as well so this whole japan thing was god doing is bull. We control our actions, after all how would people feel if I went and jabbered that 9-11 was a sign to all the ___insert random thing____!

    People have warped what god truly is, but not even I can interpret it.
    If I’m going to hell because I love magic, have different ideas than the mass of Christians, that I do believe in evolution (although I don’t think were monkeys, just that we looked like them I guess) and science because I’m different than I’m going to prove all them wrong.

    There I go blabbering sorry, I’m truly sorry for these dip-shits who make religion bad.
    If I knew her, I’d be beating her with a bat, and when I run into any of these idiots. I’ll stand up to them seeing as your right, no one really denounces these kinds of people.
    Again I’m sorry, I am not that great with words and what-not.

  • I’m definitely i favorite of the separation of church and prostate…
    This “person” is nuts.

  • Rich Michael

    Ok, so I guess fault lines are just divine occurrences, right? No wonder there are so many gay people in Cali.

  • Tori

    Because obviously it wasn’t the tectonic plates moving that caused the earthquake, it was a bearded man in the sky

  • I absolutely cannot believe this girl is for real. It is totally stunning that anyone could be that…stupid, hateful, vengeful. She thinks that a loving caring god wins over people by killing them and sending them to hell???

  • The eyes of a zombie… brainwashed zombie. This poor disillusioned girl is really REALLY scary. I’ve been praying people like here will have the scales removed from their eyes so they can see that while they are trying to remove the mote from anyone’s eye, they should remove the beam from their own eye.

    Jesus, save us from your followers.

  • I want to kick this girl in the face. So hard. -.- Ignorance is open in her mind.

  • I love you. This is what I was thinking exactly.

  • Jason Shreeve

    Acid rain, maybe.