What Do ‘Religious Exemptions’ From NY Gay Marriage REALLY Mean?

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One of my personal favorite bloggers on the planet Uppityfag brilliantly breaks down what all of those religious exemptions in the New York gay marriage law actually mean.

“Supremacists that demand the right to exclude and discriminate against LGBT people in public accommodations will continue to be coddled by the government they hate, that they are exempt from paying taxes to support, and will never ever have to spend a moment of time in the presence of faggotry. Any LGBT person that bothers wasting a moment of their life in the presence of these morons should expect to be shunned by all intelligent people with a conscience.”

When you’re right, you’re right.

  • ShowMeGuy

    There are churches in my city which will not let you hold your wedding in their building if you are not a member of the congregation.  Other churches do not care as long as your rental check doesn’t bounce.
    If the church down on Elm street wants to hate *the gays*, then why would any gays want to rent the place to host their wedding?  My gay money goes where I am loved.

  • I have to point out that churches in general have the right to refuse to marry people based on whatever criteria they choose: race, creed, economic status, or random opinion for that matter. I support allowing them this choice. After all, if their religion or sect does not support the practice, then how many gay people are likely to be married under that sect? Separation of Church and State works both ways: the church can’t tell the government who can legally marry, and the government can’t tell the church who to religiously marry. I’ve always supported gay marriage, but I also support the right of religious groups to have their own beliefs. Sometimes those two things are incompatible within the same religion, but they should never be incompatible within the same society. The important thing is that equal legal rights are given to both gays and straights, and it sounds like that is what has been done here. Hell, if it bothers you that much, go make a church and refuse to perform marriages for straights in that church. 

  • myk5

    The reason anyone is religious is because they were raised in the faith. And no one has a choice about this, especially those faithful that happen to be LGBT. The suicides of many a Gay child could have been averted by the notion that God loves them too, but even this is denied the LGBT children of the faithful.